............. Our Company History

In 1964, Trusco Mfg. Co. was founded after recognizing that there was a need for striping machines that are simple, durable, easy to use, and operate.  Richard D. Harris started Trusco Mfg. Co. as a family owned and operated business, and over the years we still remain as one today.  We have kept one focus, to the design, manufacture, and supply the consumer with quality paint striping machines.

Our first paint striping machine was the Model 20 hand pump striper, which is still being sold in our product line today.  Over the years, Trusco has grown to include a wide range of striping machines to fit the wide variety of needs that our customers demanded.  Our product line has expanded to include many different options of pressurization for the striping machines.  The focus of our product line has always remained the same, build them strong, maneuverable, and easy to use, maintain, and build them to last a lifetime. Thousands of customers over the years have been delighted with the ease of operation and the professional quality of line that you get with a Trueline striper.

Trusco Mfg. Co. has sold thousands of Trueline stripers to universities, cities, pro teams, stadiums, school districts, high schools, booster clubs, contractors, industrial plants, highway dept’s, public work dept’s, parks and rec., football and soccer associations, rugby and lacrosse teams, airports, military bases, and do it yourselfers. 

Even today, after all the years, we still hold true to our founding principals, providing you, the customer, with some of the best striping equipment on the market today.  We still strive to make sure that every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase.  Trusco Mfg. Co. offers four generations of knowledge and expertise when it comes to the striping industry.

Trusco Mfg. Co. has all models and parts in stock and ready to ship.  99% of orders are shipped the same day following receipt of the order.  We can and will ship anywhere in the world.  Trusco Mfg. Co. has always taken pride in providing the customer with prompt efficient service.

Most important to us, however, is our good name and reputation.  Trusco Mfg. Co. and our Trueline stripers mean quality, service, and dependability. (Prov. 22:1)

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