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Choosing a Striping Machine: Airless vs. Conventional

Choosing a Striping Machine: Airless vs. Conventional

Each product has its valuable place in the modern marketplace. The same is true of striping equipment for pavement, grass, and turf. You can find two types of striping machines available. Each differs from the other based on their use of air. Airless striping machines offer spray-like dispersion and application, and conventional striping machines use an air compressor to transform paint into a spray.

When choosing a striping machine for your needs, you should compare the benefits of airless versus conventional equipment. Let’s closely examine these similar-but-different products in this paint sprayer showdown.

How Conventional Striping Equipment Works

Conventional stripers use a small engine and dry air compressor to operate. The setup uses clean air to transfer paint from a pressurized pot through a material hose and atomize the stream as its exits the spray gun nozzle. This traditional approach offers control for smaller, tighter, or more complex tasks but doesn’t always provide adequate production volume for assorted striping projects. They are also heavier because they have more machine components.

How Airless Striping Equipment Works

Airless stripers are lightweight with a quality finish. These machines do not use a compressor. Instead, they use a pressurized pump and piston to spray paint through a small orifice. Think of this like placing a thumb on the tip of a garden hose—you end up with a smaller, more focused opening to properly aim and control the spray. No centralized air is necessary. A striping machine with an airless spray system in an enclosed box guarantees professional precision without over-spraying any painting lines on a large field, asphalt parking lot, or another surface.

Making the Choice: Quality Spray Application

It is essential to compare the differences between airless and conventional striping machines. Airless and conventional equipment are relatively equal in terms of transfer efficiency. But this changes depending on the defined scope and surface of a project. When selecting one device or the other, consider the importance of spray control, production volume, and finish quality.

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