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Athletic Field Safety Checklist for Gameday Prep

Athletic Field Safety Checklist for Gameday Prep

If you’re a coach, manager, or league director, it’s your job to make sure the field is safe for your players. This athletic field safety checklist will help with gameday prep and keeping track of all the safety measures you need to take before every game.

Goal Posts and Field Markings

The largest items on your field are the goal posts, and they should be in good condition and an appropriate height, width, and color for your sport. They should also be anchored to the ground and padded. They must not have loose parts, cracks, or splinters. You should address repairs immediately, as they can cause injury if someone falls against the goal posts during the game.

Check for Holes and Uneven Ground

Athletes can get seriously hurt if they encounter a dip or hole in the field. Checking for holes in the field should be at the top of every athletic field safety checklist for gameday prep. It is best practice to lap the field and check for any areas where the ground may be disturbed or too soft, especially after weather events.

Field Markings

On a sports field, the markings make all the difference. All lines should be visible and intact. Before the game begins, check for any missing or wiggly lines, which can make it difficult to tell where players need to stand during play and even more difficult to keep track of violations or the score.

Sidelines Are Clearly Marked

If spectators are on the same level as the field, the sidelines should be clearly marked for safety. To do so, we recommend using a field paint sprayer with additional cones to mark the sidelines. Take a few extra moments to ensure the sprayed or painted lines are straight, vibrant, and in the correct color.

Check for Hazards

Check the field and the surrounding areas for glass, sharp objects, exposed electrical lines, and gas lines. If there are any hazardous conditions on the field or in the parking lot that could be a safety hazard during game day, alert someone who can address them.

Ensure your team has a plan in place if they need help repairing any damage or fixing any issues with the field before a game. You should also have someone on hand who is trained and certified as an emergency medical technician during games in case injuries occur.

Safe for Everyone

As you can see, the tips outlined above are simple to follow and will provide a safe playing field for both athletes and spectators. You must take the time to ensure your field is ready for any event. Whether it’s for high school athletics or just a pickup recreation league, taking these steps before every sporting event can help ensure everyone’s safety while having fun.

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Line Striping a Parking Lot

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Line Striping a Parking Lot

Line striping is the most in-demand asphalt maintenance service that exists today. It adds an instant “wow” factor to any property, from parking lots to school playgrounds. However, the process can also be frustratingly tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In this field, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Pressure setting, paint choices, and spray tips all matter. Once you lay the paint on the asphalt, there is no way to rewind. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when line striping a parking lot to help prevent uneven paint jobs and unsightly lines on your new asphalt.

Painting on Top of Existing Lines

You can line up your machine and paint over the existing mapped-out spaces but there are steps to take first. If you can flake off any loose material, you can sweep it first. Find a stiff wire brush broom and clean off any debris.

You may also find algae, mold, or mildew near the curb of most parking lots. If the lines feel wet to the touch, they will need to be cleaned off also, and that requires pressure washing. You can pressure wash each individual line but you should definitely charge extra for that service.

You need to use a quality product that’s designed to be used on pavement. Using an inferior product may seem like a good idea because it’s cheaper, but you may end up unhappy with the outcome. Use products that are as dependable as you are, so you won’t end up having to redo the job.

Tire Pressure

They may seem like a small and insignificant part of your equipment, but your machine’s tires are essential to line striping. Adjusting your tire pressure is very important. Your lines will look rough if you have too much air in your front tires. You may need to put in a little more effort to push the machine forward, but less pressure gives you a smoother ride and, in turn, straighter lines. Often the parking lots have dips, cracks, and other obstacles that can affect the look of your lines but you can navigate them better with a slightly flexible tire.

The Price Is Right

When starting in the line striping business, it can be challenging to determine how much to charge for each job. Instead of estimating, create a pricing guide based on measurements. One mistake to avoid when line striping a parking lot is undercharging. When pricing a job, use a measuring wheel to accurately price your project.

Make note if the lot needs power washing before the project begins. This can often mean two trips to the location, so you can charge extra for that service. Provide a line item for each item to clearly explain the price to your customer.  

Parking lot line painting can be a highly profitable business. Businesses everywhere require this service, no matter how small or expansive the lot. You must be able to accurately scope your time and materials in order to turn a profit.

For larger projects such as grocery stores and shopping malls, you may need additional staff and machines to complete the project. Logistics is very important in this field. Consider the day’s jobs and map out how much paint you need, the necessary equipment, and the number of people involved. Then, physically map out each project so you can create the most economical route between locations.

Get the Job Done

Line striping is a complicated process. It takes time, practice, and patience to get it right. When done correctly, you have a stunning parking lot. When done incorrectly, you can end up with an unsightly scene that could take hours to fix. Experience is only one of the factors to a quality outcome.

Many factors affect the quality of your line striping, including:

  • The condition of the pavement. If there are cracks or holes, they will show through on your final product.
  • Customers and cars can sometimes be using the lot while you are painting it. Avoid this whenever possible.
  • The weather conditions at the time of application are out of your control but including wording in your contracts that allows for rescheduling will allow you to navigate inclement weather or inopportune conditions.

You may have to work around shoppers, but quality and safety are critical concerns on each job. It’s essential to follow all safety regulations when painting parking lots in order for both yourself and others around you to remain safe on the jobsite.

Choose the Right One

There are many different types of field marking machines on the market today. They do not all have the same capabilities. Do not choose a device based on price. Let your goal determine the machine you purchase.

Will you run an operation that requires you to take on multiple projects each week? Are you looking for a personal paint striping machine for smaller, less common jobs? A common issue is choosing the wrong machine, which leads to wasted opportunities, money, and time. Match your machine to your workload and have a list of extras to compare before you purchase.

It’s best to keep your parking lot line striper clean and maintained. The cleanliness of your machine will affect the crispness of your lines. The nozzles should be cleaned after every project. Type up your routine and share it with your employees or anyone who will be using the machines. Taking the time to write out these guidelines will ensure that all steps are followed by all team members each time. You also want to be careful how you store your machine. You don’t want to place anything on top of your machine or store it in a way that could damage it.

It is important to store it inside if possible. While paint stripers are made for outdoor use, you don’t want to limit their exposure to the elements. Take steps at the end of each day to store your machine correctly so that it can last for years.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has been useful for you. We’ve tried to cover the most common mistakes we see people make when line striping their parking lots. As with any job, find out what products are best suited for your needs, dedicate your time to mastering the application, and review your feedback for growth opportunities. Carry a business card with you at all times; you never know when an opportunity may arise!

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Line Striping a Parking Lot

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Tips for Painting Gradual Turns With a Line Striping Machine

Tips for Painting Gradual Turns With a Line Striping Machine

Line striping machines paint lines on surfaces, such as parking spaces and roads. The devices apply a line of paint that’s visible from far away. You can also use line striping machines to mark off areas where construction work is happening or other hazardous areas. Use the following technique when painting gradual turns with a line striping machine.  

Make Sure Your Tip Is Clean

A dirty tip can cause all kinds of problems, including wonky lines. Be sure to clean your machine’s tip after each use so you don’t waste time at a jobsite. You can use a wire brush to assist with removing clogs.

Make sure you set up your line striping machine correctly before you start working on any project. This will save you time and effort in the long run.

How It’s Done

To stripe gradual turns, you need to apply slight pressure to the handles in the direction you want. Much like a bicycle, your handles guide the wheel around curves.

One of the most important things to remember when painting a gradual turn with a line striping machine is to make sure you keep enough paint in the reservoir. It’s better to have too much paint than too little. Even as you are ending a striping project, ensure you have enough paint that you won’t have to pause to refill in the middle of a turn.

Keep a Steady Pace

Another tip to creating beautiful curves with your line striping equipment is to go slow. Paint slower when creating a curve to ensure accuracy, especially if you are a beginner. Once you master the technique, it’s smooth striping from there.

When you’re first starting out, it’s easy to be frustrated with your results. If you aren’t happy with the first few attempts, try again. Each time, you’ll be able to improve your technique.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Field Marking Equipment

Tips for Choosing the Right Field Marking Equipment

When it comes to field marking equipment, you need a machine that works well and gets the job done right. But with so many options available, how do you choose the one that will best suit your needs? Follow these tips for choosing the right field marking equipment for your organization or small business. Here are some key factors to consider.

Consider the Size and Scope 

Consider how large and complex your job is. The size of your project will dictate how much paint you need. The scope of your project will also help determine what kind of equipment is necessary for success; if multiple people are working on this project together, then you may need numerous athletic field painters so everyone can operate simultaneously.

Opt for a Large Reservoir

The size of your reservoir will determine how often you must refill it. The larger the tank, the fewer times you’ll need to stop. A larger reservoir means less downtime for refilling, which translates into more productivity and potentially more profit.

Selecting the right field marking equipment is an important decision. There are many options to choose from, and you must take the time to find the right one for your needs. 

Consider the Features You Need

One tip for choosing the right field marking equipment is to consider thefeatures you need and whether or not they’re a worthwhile investment. For example, how important is maintenance to you? Different features are worth different prices—if one feature is significant to you, maybe it’s worth paying more for that machine than another one that doesn’t have that feature.

Easy To Transport

As you’re looking for field marking equipment, keep in mind that some machines are easier to transport than others. This is especially important for teams or organizations that need to move their equipment from one place to another on a regular basis.

You’ll want to pick a machine that is as lightweight as possible and can easily be cleaned up after use. It should also be easy enough to store when you aren’t using it; otherwise, you may find yourself paying storage fees. Keep this tip in mind when considering which type of machine will work best for your particular situation.

Find Your Match

It’s important to know that there are many different types of field marking machines that do not all work the same way or have the same capabilities. Choosing a device based solely on price could lead you to frustration and wasted money, as well as missed opportunities for higher profits and easier workloads. A quality field marking machine will pay off over time by saving you time and money!

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How To Clean and Store Your Line-Striping Machine

How To Clean and Store Your Line-Striping Machine

Line striping is the most in-demand asphalt maintenance service that exists today. Line striping is a tremendous opportunity for anybody looking to get into a highly profitable business because it is everywhere, including roadways, grocery stores, and shopping malls. Roadways and parking lots have lines for traffic flow, parking stalls, and blocked zones. Line painting is essential to keep things safe and call attention to the regulations of the space. 

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6 Benefits of Owning Your Striper Machine

Owning a striper machine

Striping your parking lot makes your lot look great but it also helps keep it safe by defining where cars can and can’t park. Owning your own striper machine has many benefits, including convenience and saving both time and money when it is time for a parking lot upgrade. Let’s dive into the benefits of this handy tool.

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How To Maintain Football Fields During and After the Season

How To Maintain Football Fields During and After the Season

As the iconic coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Football is like life: It requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and respect for authority.” Maintaining the playing field year-round requires the same hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

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Natural Grass Soccer Field Maintenance and Care Tips

Natural Grass Soccer Field Maintenance and Care Tips

Many players dream of the perfect playing field: green, flat, smooth, and dense. Soccer fields should be easy on players’ feet during games to reduce the likelihood of injuries. But these types of fields don’t come into existence on their own. Natural soil field management requires careful planning and hard work.

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How To Start a Parking Lot Striping Business

How To Start a Parking Lot Striping Business

Have you been thinking or discussing with others about starting a small business? Are you looking for suitable roads to journey down to earn extra money full-time or part-time? As famed entrepreneur Walt Disney once said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.”

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Choosing a Striping Machine: Hand Pump vs. Electric

Choosing a Striping Machine: Hand Pump vs. Electric

Professional line striping is an essential maintenance step for a variety of properties and commercial settings. For this reason, paint line striping machines come in a wide array of models with varied features to suit these diverse projects, such as grass or turf fields, parking lots, or industrial plant lines.

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