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Since 1964 we have had thousands of satisfied customers. The following are just a few who were kind enough to share what their Trueline Striper has meant to them.

We have used the Trusco T2000 for 3 years and 100+ jobs. Its simple design helps new or experienced stripers understand the system and makes cleaning your striper a breeze. From big retail jobs to small jobs, this machine performs every time!

The HOA just finished striping our mile long road both sides.  Even though the road gains over 400 ft in elevation over that mile, the road striper worked well. It was such a pleasure to use a product that works as advertized and is made in America. It helped get me in shape to hunt elk this coming September.
David Johnson
President CCEHOA

I use the Trusco striping machine and products in my residential and commercial business. After 4 years, the stripes look as good as the day I did the work.

Douglas Kingsbury
Road Runner Asphalt

We purchased the T2000 Trueline Striper with 10 gallon paint tank, double line attachment kit, glass bead dispenser, water/solvent flushing system and 12” Spray box last year. It all went together easy and worked great. We striped our entire airport and saved thousands of dollars the 1st time around. Now we have a great machine and any time we need it. I am very satisfied, thank you.

Warren Webster
Flora Municipal Airport
Flora, IL

I love your new website and the videos of the new paint machines you invented.

As my little 120 machine reaches its 10th birthday, I figured it was time to let you know how much fun we’ve had together over the years.  By my estimate, we’ve painted soccer fields well over 500 times during that period.  There’s a real sense of satisfaction in listening to the coaches and players remark how professional-looking the lines on their fields appear.   The spray-can users look on in envy as we quickly paint a field in one trip without reloading.  They don’t understand when I tell them it’s really the machine that’s doing all the work.  The Trusco machine turned painting fields from a chore into an enjoyable job for me.  I never envisioned I’d still be doing it ten years later, but it really has been that much fun.

Take care, and keep up the great products and support!

John Davis
Braddock Road Services Corporation

We have had our Trueline striper since 2004.  We have never had any problems with any of the mechanical operation of the machine. We have found that it is important to follow the instructions for proper operations. Our Trueline Striper has saved our county facility thousands of dollars over the years by us doing our own parking lot striping. All of our parking lots are near a air compressor so we use compressed air for the painting. It is nice not to have a motor that has to be maintained.  

Jeff Underwood, Supervisor
Bannock County Maintenance
Pocatello, ID

We purchased a Trueline Striper in 2006, and it has been one of the best investments we have ever made. Other community parks in our league were so impressed they purchased a Trueline striper as well. Throw away the aerosol cans and invest in one for your park.

Terry A. Chapman
Airgas South
Fairfield, AL

WOW!!! The most fun while making money... The T2000 is Fantastic, easy to ensemble, use and it performs like a Rolls Royce.

Alex Bosschaerts
Lansing & Co. - Houston, TX

The City of Clinton just recently purchased a Model 250 Battery Striper from Trusco. We are very satisfied with this product. Clean up was easy, easy to follow assembly instructions, easy to operate. The variety of attachments that comes with this product is great. Looking forward to doing more business with Trusco Manufacturing.

City of Clinton
Roger Rorie, Mayor

We have been using Trusco CO2 paint stripers for about 6 years at the University of Alabama Recreation Fields. We started out with one; and now use three. They are easy to operate and maintain; and parts are always in stock and shipped out promptly.

Michael Brass - Manager
University of Alabama Recreation Fields

Our soccer club has owned one of your CO2 cylinder sprayers, Model 310, for over six years.  This paint sprayer is used to stripe fields for two seasons per year -  a total of 26 to 28 weeks per year - 5 fields per week.

With a little care in use, such as flushing out the system and hose with water after each use, we have had very little maintenance and upkeep costs.  We did have to purchase one pressure relief valve, and just last week, two gaskets.

When we took the part in to Trusco Mfg. Co. of Ocala, they were more than helpful.  Even though we arrived at the noon hour, your technician took the part immediately and put on the needed gaskets, all of this done in a very timely manner.

The gentleman in your office, Bruce, was very helpful, courteous and was a very good example of "whatever we can do to help our customers."

I would not hesitate to recommend your product or your company.


Al LaCombe
Belleview Soccer Club

My battery powered Trueline Striper turned 10 years old this year, and is still going strong. It has had thousands of gallons of paint run through it while requiring a minimal amount of maintenance, consisting only of replacing spray tips and strainers. Trueline Stripers take the headache out of striping by staying true to their name and making good straight lines a thing of ease. This is truly a great machine, and worth every penny.

Randy Moss
Professional Lawn Curbing

I write this with 13 plus years of athletic field experience. I have used many different types of paint machines over the years, but none have compared to the strippers we use from Trusco. The amount of paint used, time, money, effort and speeds of using these machines are a breeze. They can be fixed in the field, if needed, with very little down time. Less moving parts verses gas-powered machines. Cost-effective when training personel to operate. These machines can paint fields, parking lots and streets as needed. Also with wand attachments they can paint logos, numbers, hash marks, etc.

I highly recommened these machines for small and large scale field needs. The shipping and ordering of machines and parts is quick and covienent also. We are very pleased with Trusco Mfg Co. and will continue to use their products.

Scott Jones - QA Tech
City of Charleston Parks Dept, Athletic Fields

I wanted to let you know just how good your line striper is.  I purchased a Truline striper in 1988 and I still have and use that same striper today.  I was an asphalt maintenance contractor for 30 years, and I striped hundreds of parking lots with my Truline striper.  It always put down a perfect line with sharp edges due to the enclosed paint box design.  Today I own and operate Pavement Warehouse, Inc., distributing asphalt maintenance products to local contractors.  I do not hesitate to recommend your line stripers to my customers.  Both your product and service throughout the years have been excellent.


Charles E. Stanley, Jr.
Pavement Warehouse, Inc.

We bought a Trueline Striper Model 20, 5 years ago and are very pleased with it. In the 5 years we have rebuilt it only once. We bought a line laser a few years ago and have used it about 4 times due to problems with equipment. We are in the process of purchasing another Trueline Striper from your company and would recommend to anyone. This was the best money we ever spent.

Thank you,

John Ratliff
R & W Enterprise

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