Field Striping Machines

Painting professional-looking lines on an athletic field isn't the simplest feat. A bit of preparation, measurement-taking, and athletic field paint is necessary to complete the task at hand. Fortunately, a quality field painter machine will create the sharpest line possible and provide enough flow to allow you to complete projects with speed and efficiency. The key is to use a reliable field striping machine that gets the job done right.

Look no further than Trusco Manufacturing to find the right field paint sprayer for your needs today. The products in our Trueline product line are known around the globe for their ease of operation and durability. Our athletic field painters make the task easy—mark fresh lines on football turf, grass soccer fields, and more without bending or breaking your back. Select one of the field marking machines models below to guarantee a straight line every time. Contact our team with any questions about product features or purchasing.

Outstanding Design Features

  • Easy to operate...
    • One pressure adjustment
    • Creates professional lines with a few simple instructions
    • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
    • 4 large 10" pneumatic wheels (except model 20)
  • Built to last a lifetime...
    • Low maintenance
    • Years of reliable service even through the toughest work loads
    • All stainless steel tanks and brass fittings
  • Dual spray tip sprays the turf/grass from two different directions to cover the blades evenly
  • Enclosed spray box...
    • Always give you an exact line width (different width boxes are available depending on your needs)
    • Box height is adjustable for skimming across the top of grass and ensuring sharp, uniform edges
    • No overspray even on the windiest of days
  • Stripe lines as fast as you can walk
  • Simple and quick clean-up in about 10 minutes