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How Often Should a Parking Lot Get Restriped?

How Often Should a Parking Lot Get Restriped?

How often should a parking lot get restriped? This is a prevalent question many business owners and managers wonder about as they seek to maintain the highest quality and appeal. Upkeeping a property is no simple feat—and the parking lot is one exterior place that requires extra special attention.

Professional-looking parking lot striping is vital to promoting a safe and visually-appealing atmosphere. Let’s dive deeper into this topic in this guide on refreshing painted pavement.

The Factors Affecting the Life of Stripes

How often should a parking lot get restriped? The fact of the matter is that there’s no definitive answer. You should plan to restripe your lot annually, but you may be able to wait. The timeline always depends on necessity. The need to restripe depends on several factors that can extend or minimize the life of the painted lines. Consider average lot traffic, the severity of weather in your local area, and the quality and thickness of the original paint. Some striping can last twice as long if environmental conditions don’t naturally fade the stripes away.

When It’s Time to Restripe

Remember that the state of your parking lot holds significant influence over the atmosphere of the property. The appearance of its current condition can impact whether or not people feel positive about working at or visiting the premises. A shoddy-looking lot can tell people that the entire property is unkempt without anyone saying a word. Ergo, keep your lot neat and attractive. The best strategy is to closely examine the stripes’ status starting at 12 months from the last paint job. Every 18 to 24 months is a reasonable length of time for restriping.

The Benefits of Striping Professional Lines

Maintaining a well-conditioned parking lot is beneficial to your business for several reasons. Consider the visual and safety benefits of making a positive first impression. Clear lines create an orderly system for vehicles to maneuver through and park in the lot. Remember that the law also requires clearly-marked accessible parking spaces and fire lanes.

Above all, these stripes act as a guide to avoid causing havoc in your parking lot. Plan to restripe accordingly with efficient contract services or quality do-it-yourself equipment when necessary.

Concrete and Pavement Striping Equipment

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